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 Urgent Message

From: Shane O'Farrell
Location: New Jersey, United States

Hey, Shane here...

I bought the LEGO set in this photo for $20. Six months later, it was selling for $55 on Amazon. I had bought over 80 of them, along with thousands of other sets just like it. And this growth in value was exactly what I had planned. Welcome to the world of LEGO investing!

Are you sick of just earning a basic wage for ALL OF THE TIME that you spend working? 

Are you done investing your hard-earned money in TERRIBLE stocks that don't pay you a good return on investment? 

What if you could get in on the ground floor of a niche opportunity that could quickly create amazing profits in your life?

My name is Shane, and I make it easy for driven people just like you to build an incredible income for yourself and your family…without having to quit your job, spend a hundred hours per week building a 'side hustle', or slave away trying to sell thrifted stuff on eBay.

I know, it sounds too good to be true. I thought so too, when I first discovered the world of LEGO investing. 

I simply couldn't believe that most LEGO sets shoot to the MOON in value after they 'retire' and are no longer manufactured….

...And what's even crazier is that it's all predictable! We can actually learn to predict when sets will retire, and which ones will grow the most in value.

I know…I almost fell off my chair when I realized it. similique quisquam et deserunt, recusandae.

Imagine what you could do...

...with some extra income in your life to take a vacation, pay for your kids to go to college, buy a new car...

Imagine what life would be like if you could multiply your money by buying LEGO sets right before they start to SHOOT UP in value.

LEGO investing is a tried and tested path to exactly that.
Over the past few years, I've built a multiple-six-figure business and LEGO investing portfolio by buying sets before they retire and holding them while the values shoot up. 

I've even been able to implement systems that make it extremely quick and easy for me to run this side-business with minimal effort, while still working in my full time job, and without having to gamble in crazy crypto currencies or risky stocks.

So my LEGO investments are now paying for my vacations each year, while also continuing to grow, and grow, and grow in value.
Now…it has taken me years to develop the systems I use today and to really simplify everything down and master how to pick the right sets to invest in, buy them at the right prices, and sell them for maximum profit.

Unfortunately, when I first started, there was pretty much no information out there about it. 

This was an underground thing that only a handful of people knew about. It's still pretty underground today, but now you have the opportunity to learn a LOT more right out of the gate than I ever did...

...because over time, I figured out that this thing is completely predictable, and I built a system to simplify everything.

I figured out how to find the best possible LEGO sets to invest in, and I'd like to introduce you to something that I think will be a massive help

I created an inner circle program called Brick Bucks IGNITE, which will help you to pick WINNING LEGO sets to invest in and quickly and easily sell them online after the prices have gone through the roof.

Inside of this exclusive membership, you will get the support you need to be successful, with access to a private members-only area where three helpful videos will be unlocked every single month, tools to help you search for sets and find the winners, and monthly community meetups to brainstorm and share tips and tricks.

Bottom line - IGNITE is the easiest and fastest way to hit the ground running for anyone who wants to build a side income with LEGO investing. 

BUT - you need to act on this now, because if you don't, you'll miss out on learning the most effective tools and strategies for picking WINNING LEGO investments, while most people are picking the wrong sets to invest in.

This is your chance...

...to enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing your money is ACTUALLY multiplying while you have a ton of fun buying LEGO sets that are growing in value.

Brick Bucks IGNITE holds the key to your success with learning how to be successful with LEGO investing WITHOUT making all of the mistakes I made when I started out.
Best of all…you'll start to learn the secrets right away when you get immediate access to IGNITE.

Now I may be crazy, but I've decided to give you an entire month completely for free to test drive IGNITE. That way you can check it out from the inside, binge on the private content, join us for the monthly mastermind session, and use our private LEGO investing tools to easily find winning sets to buy.

Then after a few weeks if you don't think that IGNITE will help you to absolutely CRUSH your goals, you can simply cancel your membership, no questions asked, and you won't be charged a thing.

But that's not all. When you grab your free month of IGNITE today....

...I'm also going to give you the MOST INCREDIBLE FREE WELCOME GIFT EVER!

Seriously....this is something I WISH existed when I first found out about LEGO investing. If only someone had handed me the map like this. But...it didn't exist, so I had to create it.
After building my LEGO investing inventory to multiple six-figures, I have now poured my knowledge about picking WINNING LEGO investments into this book, Winning Set Secrets.

This book will teach you exactly what to look for in a LEGO set to give you the highest chance of picking incredible investments that will quickly grow in value. It took years of trial and error and wasting money for me to figure this stuff out, and this will be yours completely for FREE (just cover a small printing and shipping charge), when you grab this free month of IGNITE today.
And I'm not talking about some downloadable eBook … I mean you're going to get a real, physical book shipped straight to your door

It will show up with the mailman, you can open it up and read it, and have an insanely valuable and rare resource right there on your bookshelf.
This is not a book that you can find on the bookstore shelves. It is a highly exclusive book created to be a free gift for new members of IGNITE.

I invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in LEGO sets to help me learn the secrets inside this book.

So what's the catch? If it's so valuable, why am I just giving the book away for free? OK, you got me. 

In reality, this is a bribe. I'm gifting this book to people who test out my IGNITE membership because I am certain that as soon as you see what's inside IGNITE, you will absolutely love it, and maybe you'll want to keep working with me when you start to see the success that is possible. 

But even if you decide to leave IGNITE, you will get to keep this book as a thank you for checking it out, because I want to try to over-deliver (and it's 2am right now, so I'm feeling loopy enough to create this insane offer).

But here's the thing….I don't know how long it will be before I run out of copies of the book, so the free gift won't last forever. 

Since this page is live right now, it means we have some available, but as soon as they're gone, this offer will be taken down. So it's best to act now and jump in before it's too late. After all, right now you're only paying a small shipping fee so you really have nothing to lose.

I'm excited for you to check out all of the insane benefits of this free month of IGNITE and the free gift you'll be receiving straight to your door, and when you start to apply it, I'm excited to see the amazing things it brings into your life.

Don't delay - make sure to grab your free month and most incredible free gift EVER right now

See you inside of IGNITE! 



  • Learn how to find the best opportunities just before they start to shoot up in value.
  • ​See behind the curtain on how to really build an income with LEGO investing.
  • ​Be surrounded by successful people who have made real money doing this.
  • ​Have the tools you need to simplify everything so that you can do it in less time.

PLUS...we're going to give you an insane welcome gift just for TESTING IT OUT!




Brick Bucks IGNITE 30-Days 


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  • ​Success Path & Private Strategy Videos: Get the insider view in the  private LAUNCH members area, where three private videos per month to help you to become a master LEGO® investor. 
  • ​Game-Changing Search Tools: Use our members-only search tools to simplify finding winning LEGO® sets quickly, discover opportunities that others are missing, and set alerts for price drops.
  • Monthly Live Sessions: Join an inner-circle of successful LEGO® investors for a private monthly online meet-up to learn tips and tricks and to help each other to achieve success. 
  • ​'Off The Record' Interviews: See behind the curtain during private interviews with successful LEGO® investors that won't be shared publicly.
  • ​The Inner-Circle Community: A helpful community of successful investors at your fingertips.  Engage with like-minded people who have solved the same challenges that you currently have in your business and your life.
  • Winning Set Secrets Book: Save YEARS of time and hit the ground running with this EXCLUSIVE physical copy shipped straight to your door. This tell-all book blows the secrets of picking winning sets wide open.  
  • The Winning Set Workbook: Use this downloadable workbook to simplify picking winning sets and take action.
  • Winning Set Signals Cheat Sheet: This handy downloadable cheat sheet can be pinned to your wall to remind you of the things to look for when buying sets.
  • ​​Inventory Tracker: This excel template gives you a simplified way to keep track of your incredible inventory of sets as they grow in value.

EVERYTHING You Get When You Grab Your Spot Today!

  • FREE 30 Day Access to Brick Bucks IGNITE.................................................................(Priceless)
  • ​LAUNCH Success Path & Strategy Videos..............................................................($1997 Value)
  • Game Changing Search Tools..................................................................................($1997 Value)
  • Monthly Live Sessions................................................................................................($997 Value)
  • Off-The-Record Private Interviews.............................................................................($997 Value)
  • The Inner Circle Community.......................................................................................($997 Value)
  • BONUS! Winning Set Secrets Book..............................................................................($47 Value)
  • BONUS! Winning Set Workbook...................................................................................($27 Value)
  • BONUS! Winning Set Signals Cheat Sheet...................................................................($27 Value)
  • BONUS! Inventory Tracker.............................................................................................($97 Value)

Total Value of $7,189


(Just Cover Shipping)

Don't Take Our Word For It...
Hear From People On The Inside

"It has been an absolute game changer for me in so many ways"

I think you'll find that basically everyone here will only have good things to say about it. It has been an absolute game changer for me in so many ways. The tools give us such an edge over so many people doing this. The information Shane provides is fantastic as well. Last but absolutely not least, is I've met a lot of amazing and inspiring people here who have helped me enormously.
- Chris

"There are sellers and knowledge in here that I simply would not have access to otherwise"

Before I joined IGNITE, I had to figure everything out on my own. I had good growth, but there was never that person to bounce an idea off or see how to get to the next level. This is why IGNITE is so valuable - there are sellers and knowledge in here that I simply would not have access to otherwise.

- Drew

"We have to keep this information close to home..."

The last members-only video was absolutely amazing. We have to keep this information close to home....

Mind blown!

- Adam

"I will be in this group as long as I'm investing in LEGO"

I've been with the group for about 6 months. It is an amazing group, both in content / information shared and also to challenge strategy and thinking process about how to invest, when to invest (and when not to!), and how to maximize profits. I will continue to be in this group as long as I'm investing in LEGO as a business.

- John

"The tools are invaluable"

This is truly an amazing group. The tools you have created are invaluable. I'm just starting out, but I can see how important they will be moving forward. Thank you!

- Jacob

"One of the absolute best things is a group of people with experience to listen to and actually communicate with"

One of the absolute best things is a group of people with experience to listen to and actually communicate with. They are friendly and willing to help answer questions and solve problems. And the bots are awesome features!

- Dakota

"I have saved a fortune by joining IGNITE"

I made so many mistakes when following bad information from other places. I have saved a fortune by joining IGNITE, in both what I have done and what I haven't done. I saved well in excess of the annual subscription in one day yesterday alone on the sale tip from this group. Thank you all! - Eric

All Of This Will Be Yours

IGNITE Inner Circle

When you become part of an inner circle of LEGO investors, you will have access to a community of successful people to guide you. 

Use our members-only area with monthly private strategy videos to learn the path. Use our custom-built search tools to find opportunities that other people are missing. Join our monthly live sessions to learn from Shane and other members about what is working for them and what they are focused on each month.

This is the ultimate way to hit the ground running with LEGO investing to build the side income that can change your life.

Winning Set Secrets Physical Book

($47 Value)

Get your hands on the exclusive book, Winning Set Secrets, that we will ship straight to your door. This book walks through how to pick winning LEGO sets as an investment from the ground-up. After you've unlocked the secrets in these pages, you will understand the most important things to look out for when investing in LEGO sets before they shoot up in value.

I wish someone had written this book before I started my LEGO investing business. But now...it finally exists, and it can be yours right now. 

Winning Set Workbook PDF

($27 Value)

You'll get the Winning Set Secrets Workbook that you can download immediately and use to guide you as you pick winning investments. This workbook uses the principles from Winning Set Secrets, but lays them out in a simple workbook format so you can quickly use the system to find sets to invest in.

This workbook will help you to master the concepts and multiply your results.

Winning Set Signals Cheat Sheet

($27 Value)

You'll get this handy cheat sheet that will make sure you never forget the things to look for in a winning set investment. Download this and pin it to your wall, as this quick reference guide will help you to remember the most important things to look for. 

When you reference this cheat sheet before making buying decisions, you will have the immediate help you need to apply the secrets of picking winning sets, and only invest in the best opportunities.

Inventory Tracker Download

($97 Value)

Save time and simplify managing your inventory with this handy downloadable tracking sheet. Input your sets, expected profit, expected ROI and other numbers to see quick calculations of your investments. This downloadable free gift will save you tons of time creating a way to quickly and easily track the good stuff - profits.

All You Have To Do Today Is Say "MAYBE" 

And The Gifts Are Yours!


(Just Cover Shipping)

  Why The Clock Is Ticking...

This is a limited offer, and there's a real reason that you should act fast on this...

We only ordered a limited number of Winning Set Secrets that we can give away. If this page is still live, then we still have some available. BUT as soon as they're gone, then this offer will be gone too. 

So...if you want to grab the most incredible free gift ever shipped straight to your door, don't waste any time and grab your spot now!

Yes...I Have TWO Guarantees For You!

The "Love It Or I Pay YOU" Guarantee

That's right...we provide a 100% guarantee that you will love the free gift, or we'll give you back your shipping fees and let you keep the gift anyway! 

Just email us if you're not happy and we'll refund you in full... and you get to keep the free gift, no questions asked!

The "DOUBLE Payback" Guarantee

We are extremely confident that the IGNITE Inner Circle will work wonders for you, which is why we offer a 6-month double payback guarantee

If after six months of joining you feel like you haven't received the value to help you to succeed, then we will pay you DOUBLE the amount you paid to join.

This isn't a magic wand for money though! To be eligible for this, you must follow through with the program, participate, attend the brainstorming sessions and training videos, implement the strategies in your business, and provide evidence of your efforts.

But if you make an honest effort and it doesn't work for you, we'll pay you DOUBLE. That's how sure I am!

How can I have such a powerful guarantee?

Because I know the value that members get inside the inner circle.

I've seen how it has changed people's lives.

Imagine if you knew exactly how to pick winning sets right before they shot up in value, you knew how to buy them at low prices to maximize profits, and you had an inner circle of helpful and successful people around you as you raced toward success.

All it takes is for you to learn ONE piece of advice from the private content, monthly meetups, the members-only tools, or from the community, and it could change your results immediately.

What would that be worth to you?

Well, today, all you have to do is say "maybe" - test drive the inner circle, get your FREE gift, and make the decision later with zero risk, since your first 30 days are completely free. 

I have no doubt those 30 days will change the game for you. 

Click on the green button right now, and we will give you access immediately and start preparing your free gift to be shipped straight to your door.

See you inside!

Q: How Does The Free Trial Work?

A: Test-drive IGNITE for a full 30 days without sending us a dime.
No gimmicks, and you can cancel at any time. If you agree it contains the most valuable LEGO Investing advice, and can't wait to implement everything and reach your potential, then we'll continue to unlock fresh, private content every month thereafter and bill you based on the plan you choose.

Q: When will I receive my free gifts?

A: When you sign up today for the IGNITE free trial subscription, you will receive instant access to all of the free digital downloads on the order confirmation page. For the Winning Set Secrets book, please allow 2 - 4 weeks for it to arrive at your door.

Q: Is it really a physical copy of the book, and not a PDF download?

A: Yes! We really will be shipping you a PHYSICAL copy of Winning Set Secrets. This isn't some collection of boring PDFs you can download and then never read. This is a real book that took me an entire year to write, and you can have it sitting on your bookshelf to reference as you build your incredible LEGO investing income.

Q: Is All Of This Value Really FREE?! What's the catch?

A: Yes, it's true! When you say "maybe" today, you can secure up to $7,189 of hard-hitting, in the trenches, LEGO Investing advice... that once implemented can and will transform your side business, and in the right direction you want it to go!

All I ask is that you cover the $9.95 ($19.95 international) for printing & shipping. Like I said earlier, you'll be receiving a my Winning Set Secrets book in the mail (yes, a physical copy), showing you real behind the scenes of how to pick the right sets. With this system you will "learn how to fish", and that is PRICELESS! 

Q: Who is this for?

A: This is for the self-starter. The driven person that wants to create extra income for themselves and their families without spending 10 hours per day trying to build a 'side hustle'. 

IGNITE hits you with real, working LEGO Investing strategies that have helped countless of people looking to supplement their income just like you. Then, the Winning Set Secrets book gives you a framework and a step-by-step process on how to know which sets to invest in.

Both of these alone save you so much time and money because you can feel more comfortable making your investments as you will understand what makes them succeed. Let me show you the mistakes I have made, so you can learn and grow from this without taking on needless frustration yourself.

Q: What If I'm Not Satisfied With My Subscription?

A: I truly believe that this is unlikely. Wait until you receive your initial Most Incredible FREE Gift Ever package, and you'll see what I mean. With that said, if you don't find that IGNITE or the material in your Most Incredible FREE Gift Ever will help you to be successful, then you can simply cancel anytime and we'll part as friends. Our community is very tightknit and exclusive and I would hate for a spot to go un-used when it can change someone else's life

Q: Do you have a guarantee?

A: Yes! You can test drive IGNITE for a full 30 days risk free during the trial period, and if you don't want to stick with us, then you can simply email us at support@brickbucks.net and we'll refund your money right away, and you can keep the free gifts on us.

But our SECOND guarantee is even more insane. If you stick with us for 6 months, and after that time you don't feel like you got enough value to help you in your business, then we will pay you DOUBLE your initial investment. We need you to attend the trainings and put in the work to qualify, of course, but if you do, and it doesn't work for you, then we pay you double.

 That's how sure we are!

Q: How much does it cost?

A: Today, you can secure $7,189 dollars worth of gifts completely free! We simply ask that you pay the one-time, small shipping & printing fee of $9.95 ($19.95 international).

Then, after the initial 30-day test-run, when you realize the insane value and potential that you can create in your life from IGNITE, you can choose to continue having monthly access to all of the private content, tools and community, and we'll bill you based on the membership you choose.

Q: Can I just have a free trial of IGNITE without paying for shipping of the book?

A: We used to offer free trials of IGNITE, but there were too many people joining. IGNITE is an exclusive community of helpful and successful LEGO investors, and we want to dedicate our resources to the people who are serious about this. By grabbing a copy of Winning Set Secrets, you already show us that you are more than worthy of checking out IGNITE for a month. So this free test drive is only available as part of this incredible offer.

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