If We Could Help You To Build A Highly Profitable LEGO Business...In Just A Few Hours Per Week...Would You Jump At The Chance?

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KDX Bricks

""This program is a game changer! The resources, community and support network gives me the confidence to grow my Lego investing skills into a lucrative endeavor. The value is unbeatable."

- Kevin, KDX Bricks

DG Bricks

"This program's data approach has given me the confidence to scale up my business and start selling on Amazon. IGNITE has shortened the learning curve for me by years. If you want to get serious about LEGO investing, this is the way."

- David, DG Bricks


"If you want to go to the next level, this is the place to be. There are all kinds of helpful tools and resources in the program that will help you refine and improve how you invest in LEGO. This will allow you to stay sharp!"

- Lucas, BrickQuest
From The Desk of Shane O'Farrell
New Jersey, United States
Dear friend,

Yes...it really is free for a whole month....AND we will be shipping you a physical copy of the LEGO investing playbook as a welcome gift (along with the insane other bonuses).

AND...there's no catch. You just gotta cover the shipping cost, and that's it! Let me explain.

I'm going to fill you in on something that has been going on behind closed doors, where a group of like-minded LEGO fans and entrepreneurs have been helping each other to grow our bank accounts...by buying LEGO sets.

Brick Bucks

This is a group who are building their wealth....
  • Without spending countless hours every week on a 'side hustle'. This can be done in just a few hours each week.
  • Without having to import products from China. We're talking about the world's most popular toy brand here...and you can find them in most toy stores.
  • Without having to spend every waking minute driving to thrift stores to find stuff to sell online.
  • Without gambling their money on some new random cryptocurrency.
  • Without having to find their own buyers or do any of their own marketing.
  • Without the uncertainty that goes along with most investments. The demand for LEGO is insane, but the supply is finite because manufacturing has an end date...and when demand is high but supply is low, prices rise!
And as I'll show you in a moment...the success people are having inside of this group is astounding.

See here's the thing...

I've been buying LEGO sets as an investment for over 7 years now...

I've had a lot of wins, many losses, and learned many painful lessons. Building a business can be difficult. It can be lonely, and I often doubted myself because I didn't have a group of people around me that had the same vision that I had. No one was there to prop me up when things got hard, and doubts often kicked in.
Doubts like..."Is this really going to work?". "Can I really make 70-100% per year in ROI just by buying LEGO sets?". "What if the set that I invest in doesn't grow in value?".

It's normal to have these doubts. No one gets to the top without working through some difficulties. But the thing that you have now that I didn't have back then is...I didn't have help available to me.

I went from making minimum wage working at Subway to get myself through college... to today having a financial situation that I could only dream about back then...and I did it by taking control of my own destiny.

It meant I had to let go of the things that I had been told all my life. It meant...
  • Not accepting the status quo.
  • ​Not accepting that my job salary is the only way I can make money, like my friends and family believe.
  • Not accepting that to get wealthy, I need to invest in my retirement account for 30 years.
  • Not accepting that I should be happy with an 8% annual return in the stock market.
  • ​Not accepting that 'it takes money to make money', and instead realizing that there are countless ways to get scrappy and build an amazing side income...even while starting with very little....if I just have the knowledge.
I started to realize that I had to RISE UP so I could LIVE FREE.

My first few years were a failure.

I bought all the wrong sets and paid way too much for them. And my profits for the first few years were terrible. But looking back now, I realize that the problem was simply that I lacked knowledge.

I didn't know the steps.

I didn't know how to spot the best sets to invest in. I didn't know the tricks for buying sets at rock-bottom prices so that I could maximize my profits...

...And I didn't know how to sell on Amazon, which skyrocketed my success when I finally figured it out.

I realize now that with the right knowledge from the start, I could have had multiples of the success that I earned over those 7 years.

And after building my business to well into the six-figures, I decided to start sharing my journey with LEGO fans so that you can learn how to do it too.

So...I created the IGNITE Inner Circle. It was designed from the ground-up to be exactly what I would have needed when I started out...to give you the support and resources that I wish I had, and save you years of trial and error.

And the support in this inner circle has helped many of our members to absolutely skyrocket their success. 

Check out some of their results, along with just a few of our many award winners for members hitting over $50k or Six-Figures in their LEGO business in a single year.

So as you can see, the IGNITE Inner Circle is a community of HIGH ACHIEVERS who are making a massive difference in their lives with LEGO investing...and supporting each other along the way.

I want the same for you, so let me tell you how we can help you to get there.

Here's What You're Gonna Get

1. The Success Path

Your journey begins here. I want to get you to success as quickly as possible, so I created a series of trainings to quickly level the playing field for you and give you the fastest path to understanding how to find the BEST opportunities with LEGO investing.

2. Monthly Behind-The-Scenes

Get the insider view in the private members area, where three private videos per month will help you to hone in on up-to-date information that does not get shared publicly.

3. Deal Tracking Bots & Tools

Use our members-only search tools to simplify finding winning LEGO® sets quickly, discover opportunities that others are missing, and grab LEGO deals that the public don't even know exist.

4. Monthly Live Support Discussions

Join an inner-circle of successful LEGO® investors for a private monthly online meet-up to learn tips and tricks and to help each other to achieve success. 

5. The Inner Circle Community

A helpful community of successful investors at your fingertips. Engage with like-minded people who have solved the same challenges that you currently have in your business and your life.

Plus...FOUR Insane Welcome Gifts!

FREE Gift 1: Winning Set Secrets Book

Save YEARS of time and hit the ground running. This tell-all book  blows the secrets of picking winning sets wide open, and we will ship a physical copy straight to your door!

FREE Gift 2: Winning Set Secrets Workbook

Use this downloadable workbook to guide you through picking winning sets. See quick-and-easy checklists to help you stop buying the trash and hone in on the hidden gem opportunities.

FREE Gift 3: Amazon Ungated

This training will give you the step-by-step process for getting approved to sell LEGO on Amazon. Follow this simple approach to quickly and easily unlock the gates to Amazon, where many LEGO sellers are not authorized to sell. LEGO on Amazon typically sells for higher prices, and this training is all you need to get ungated.

FREE Gift 4: Points Stacking Masterclass

Learn my secret weapon, and how I take free flights, get free hotel rooms, and add thousands of dollars of extra profit to my business with simple credit card hacks. The LEGO investors who don't know these strategies are leaving TONS of cash on the table.

"It has been an absolute game changer for me in so many ways"

I think you'll find that basically everyone here will only have good things to say about it. It has been an absolute game changer for me in so many ways. The tools give us such an edge over so many people doing this. The information Shane provides is fantastic as well. Last but absolutely not least, is I've met a lot of amazing and inspiring people here who have helped me enormously.
- Chris

"There are sellers and knowledge in here that I simply would not have access to otherwise"

Before I joined IGNITE, I had to figure everything out on my own. I had good growth, but there was never that person to bounce an idea off or see how to get to the next level. This is why IGNITE is so valuable - there are sellers and knowledge in here that I simply would not have access to otherwise.

- Drew

"We have to keep this information close to home..."

The last members-only video was absolutely amazing. We have to keep this information close to home....

Mind blown!

- Adam

"I will be in this group as long as I'm investing in LEGO"

I've been with the group for about 6 months. It is an amazing group, both in content / information shared and also to challenge strategy and thinking process about how to invest, when to invest (and when not to!), and how to maximize profits. I will continue to be in this group as long as I'm investing in LEGO as a business.

- John

"The tools are invaluable"

This is truly an amazing group. The tools you have created are invaluable. I'm just starting out, but I can see how important they will be moving forward. Thank you!

- Jacob

"One of the absolute best things is a group of people with experience to listen to and actually communicate with"

One of the absolute best things is a group of people with experience to listen to and actually communicate with. They are friendly and willing to help answer questions and solve problems. And the bots are awesome features!

- Dakota

"I have saved a fortune by joining IGNITE"

I made so many mistakes when following bad information from other places. I have saved a fortune by joining IGNITE, in both what I have done and what I haven't done. I saved well in excess of the annual subscription in one day yesterday alone on the sale tip from this group. Thank you all! - Eric

Here's What You're Gonna Get

  • ​Success Path Trainings
  • ​Private Monthly Behind-the-Scenes Videos
  • Game-Changing Deal Alert Tools & Opportunity-Surfacing Bots
  • Monthly Live Support Meetups
  • The Inner Circle Community
  • BONUS! Winning Set Secrets Book (Physical copy rushed to your door)
  • BONUS! Winning Set Workbook
  • BONUS! Amazon Ungated
  • BONUS! Points Stacking Masterclass
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